MOU Titles

Memorandum of Understanding
MOU1 (1)

MOU between VA and AFGE 910 (for bargaining) 8/23/17

MOU Acustaff 9/15/15
MOU - AcuStaf Scheduling

MOU ACLS 8/19/16

MOU scheduling and granting of pre scheduled AL 10/2/2000
Scheduling and granting of AL MOU

MOU AL for providers 12/28/17
Leave Scramble MOU for Providers

MOU AL for pathology and lab 11/13/2002

MOU compressed tours and leave usage 4/26/2006

MOU union communication with Employee Relations/Labor Relation (ER/LR) 10/27/17

MOU Cross Training GI Nurses 5/8/2007

MOU CBOC Detail Coverage 2/5/2003

MOU Dialysis on call nurse 1/23/2004

MOU Dietitian outpatient room assignment

MOU RN and implementation of the Executone Lifesaver digital nurse call system

MOU Extended hours access for Vets at PACT, CBOC  9/18/13
MOU - Extended hours with MH sections highlighted

MOU Facilities, grounds seasonal tour diff 11/3/17

MOU Magnet designation  1/25/06

MOU Meeting and bargaining attendance 8/23/17

MOU Nutrition/ food service On Call Protocol

MOU AFGE and KCVA management changes to policy 1/2/13

MOU Official Time 1/2/01

MOU Pharmacy Interviewing Process 2/1/01

MOU Outpatient Pharmacy Holiday schedule 3/28/17
MOU - Holiday Schedule for Outpatient Pharmacy

MOU Pharmacy, Outpatient Pharmacist tour Diff 2/21/18
Mou Pharmacy 10 2018

MOU Physician Offices
physician leave MOU

MOU Proficiencies  9/28/11

MOU Policy on late patients 12/2009

MOU Application and posting of Hybrid Title 38 positions 4/22/04
Title 38 Information
NG-10-9-19 (VA HBK 5011-32, Physician Annual Leave)

MOU Critical care floats to psyche units and training 1/12/2010

MOU VA Handbook 5007 regarding recruitment  1/22/13

MOU Scheduling Overtime 3/27/2013
scheduling overtime MOU (1)
MOU - Scheduling Overtime Process

MOU Scheduling of Mandatory Education for KCVA Staff 9/3/02

MOU Seniority Definition 6/13/17
MOU - AFGE 910 Seniorty Definition

MOU Testosterone Documentation 1/21/04

MOU Med surg tour of duty  6/4/07

MOU Whistleblower law firm
MOU - Whistleblower Law Firm and AFGE Local 910

MOU - Regarding Abatement Activities in the Construction Area A

MOU - Pay Administration with Respect to Recruitment, Relocatio

MOU - Chemotherapy Certification

MOU - Changes made relating to policies, practices, and other c

police MOU