MOU Titles

MOU Granting of Annual Leave for Providers
MOU Granting of Annual Leave for Providers

Leave Scramble MOU 2000
leave scramble MOU 2000

Memorandum of Understanding
MOU1 (1)

MOU between VA and AFGE 910 (for bargaining) 8/23/17

MOU Acustaff 9/15/15
MOU - AcuStaf Scheduling

MOU ACLS 8/19/16

MOU scheduling and granting of pre scheduled AL 10/2/2000
Scheduling and granting of AL MOU

MOU AL for providers 12/28/17
Leave Scramble MOU for Providers

MOU AL for pathology and lab 11/13/2002

MOU compressed tours and leave usage 4/26/2006

MOU union communication with Employee Relations/Labor Relation (ER/LR) 10/27/17

MOU Cross Training GI Nurses 5/8/2007

MOU CBOC Detail Coverage 2/5/2003

MOU Dialysis on call nurse 1/23/2004

MOU Dietitian outpatient room assignment

MOU RN and implementation of the Executone Lifesaver digital nurse call system

MOU Extended hours access for Vets at PACT, CBOC  9/18/13
MOU - Extended hours with MH sections highlighted

MOU Facilities, grounds seasonal tour diff 11/3/17

MOU Magnet designation  1/25/06

MOU Meeting and bargaining attendance 8/23/17

MOU Nutrition/ food service On Call Protocol

MOU AFGE and KCVA management changes to policy 1/2/13

MOU Official Time 1/2/01

MOU Pharmacy Interviewing Process 2/1/01

MOU Outpatient Pharmacy Holiday schedule 3/28/17
MOU - Holiday Schedule for Outpatient Pharmacy

MOU Pharmacy, Outpatient Pharmacist tour Diff 2/21/18
Mou Pharmacy 10 2018

MOU Physician Offices
physician leave MOU

MOU Proficiencies  9/28/11

MOU Policy on late patients 12/2009

MOU Application and posting of Hybrid Title 38 positions 4/22/04
Title 38 Information
NG-10-9-19 (VA HBK 5011-32, Physician Annual Leave)

MOU Critical care floats to psyche units and training 1/12/2010

MOU VA Handbook 5007 regarding recruitment  1/22/13

MOU Scheduling Overtime 3/27/2013
scheduling overtime MOU (1)
MOU - Scheduling Overtime Process

MOU Scheduling of Mandatory Education for KCVA Staff 9/3/02

MOU Seniority Definition 6/13/17
MOU - AFGE 910 Seniorty Definition

MOU Testosterone Documentation 1/21/04

MOU Med surg tour of duty  6/4/07

MOU Whistleblower law firm
MOU - Whistleblower Law Firm and AFGE Local 910

MOU - Regarding Abatement Activities in the Construction Area A

MOU - Pay Administration with Respect to Recruitment, Relocatio

MOU - Chemotherapy Certification

MOU - Changes made relating to policies, practices, and other c

police MOU