How to properly ask for AL when working for the KCVA

How to properly ask for AL when working for the KCVA.

  • If at all possible ask for all AL during the leave scramble:
    • Request the time off between October 15th and November 15th for the next year.
    • All leave entrees need to be addressed by December 15thby management, if they are not, this is a grievance.  ** attached MOU
  • #2  If you cannot take advantage of the leave scramble then request leave as early as possible.
    • If your supervisor denies your leave request you can ask for a valid reason why the leave was denied
    • For example:  Too many off on that day,  you had that holiday last year,  you do not have seniority, etc.
  • #3  If you enter leave you should expect your supervisor to give an approval or a denial answer in VATAS within 7 days of the leave request.
  • #4  If you are requesting AL in less than 7 days, you should enter your request in VATAS, and send an email at the same time explaining the situation of why you need to take leave in such a short notice.
    • If the supervisor does not respond within 24 hours, try lync or a phone call or text message.
    • If the supervisor does not respond, send another email, lync, text and include the AFGE Local 910 email CC’d to your communications, so that the supervisor understands that the leave needs to be addressed.
  • #5  If you enter leave for a future date >7 days and it has been over one week, resend an email and CC the AFGE local 910 to the communication.
  • #6  This lets the manager know that AFGE is involved.
    • Please note that every time the supervisor logs into Vista or CPRS it gives them a warning that they have outstanding leave requests to approve.

Thank you for reading the proper way to get leave approved.  Have a nice day.