May Newsletter 2020

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I wanted to invite you to join the American Federation of Government Employees, Local 910.  AFGE is the largest union for federal employees with over 300,000 members.  See attached enrollment form (i.e., L910 E-Dues flyer) and information highlighting the value of union membership.  You can sign-up from you mobile phone, home computer, or in the union office and it just takes about 3 minutes to enroll.

In addition to being able to access representation/assistance, as you did this morning, there are a multitude of benefits to union membership.  Locally, we sell $5 movie tickets to AMC or B&B, $25 World of Fun/Oceans of Fun tickets until sold out, $10 Renaissance Festival tickets until sold out, $5 union t-shirts, host quarterly Lunch & Learns, and give annual holiday gifts to our members.  You’ll also get a 1 union sweatshirt and a new member give when you join.  Here’s a link to a comprehensive list of AFGE national union benefits:

P.S.  This is an extra great time to join AFGE due to our Bonus Bucks program. You would get a check for $50 for joining and your recruiter (AKA: any non-union officer/steward that encouraged you to join) would also get $50!

Please let me know if you have questions!

If a member wants to sign up, they need to do it on line.

The new member can do this from their phone, or from their home computer/tablet.

The union works with members to get them a fair schedule, fair and equal working conditions, telework assignments.

We help members write self-evaluations and help with promotional steps.   We also help with many mediations, EEO, grievances, arbitrations.

We offer ½ price tickets movie, WOF, renfest , lunches every quarter.  5 dollar t shirts.  Lunch and learn has guest speakers.  (2 times 11am and 6pm)

Now is a great time to join the union because national office (Washington DC) is offering the VA employees 100 dollars to join!!

Also, your recruiter will receive 100 dollars ( a recruiter is any current union employee, but no one in the union office)

The checks for 100 dollars are given to the employee/recruiter about 30 days after they turn in the form.   Via outlook announcement.

Benefits of joining the union are as follows:

  1. Dues are tax deductible
  2. 12  movie tickets per year  (5$ each)  AMC or BB  (never expire, ever!)
  3. 6   WOF / OOF tickets per year  (25$ each)   open in April, close 10-28-18
  4. 6   Renfest tickets per year   ($10 each)  open in Sept, close in October
  5. 4 Lunch and Learns per year during the day, in the hall of heroes   4 union membership official meetings
  6. 2 family events,  free or 2-5 dollars per person   (we have done worlds of fun and power play in the past)
  7. $5 dollar T shirts,  4 types and colors.
  8. Drawings at every event for door prizes
  9. End of year gift,  you will receive last years gift when you join.  This year is a sweat shirt.

For a complete list of national benefits log into AFGE.ORG and register,  click benefits.

National office also has hundreds of discounts including loans, credit cards, lawyers, car rentals, etc.

Hope all this info helps you decide that the union is right for you.

We also help with self-evaluations, scheduling conflicts, unfair labor practices, unfair tours, unfair moves, promotions, etc.

Click on the following link for information.

Here’s a link to a comprehensive list of AFGE union benefits:

Please understand that AFGE Local 910 has nearly 1,200 dues paying members and we are obligated to prioritize our time and resources to assist them.

Forms of true discipline are:

  • Admonishment
  • Reprimand
  • Suspension
  • Termination


National AFGE would like to issue all new members a 50 dollar bonus check.

Please read below.

NEW MEMBER, you will have to log into this link and add your info and YOUR RECRUITER info also…  if it asks you “did you receive your rebate check”

I think the answer is yes,  after you fill this out, and mark yes,  email me back.   I will log in, and see it and write the check to you both.

Supposedly this is going to be a much faster process and you will get your money within a few days, vs 30 days.

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you for joining.