Worlds of Fun Tickets

You must purchase tickets on a NON -VA computer.

  • When entering your code,  please use your official name, this would be the name on file with AFGE.
  • Do not use a nick name.  PROMO CODE DIRECTIONS BELOW IN RED.

AFGE Worlds of Fun day is Sept 11th  Saturday.  Do not forget to take advantage of this amazing price.   We have sold about 100 tickets so far.  We have reserved over 300 tickets for this event.

Your GIFT CODE  is  not case sensitive   First name,  last name first initial,  State,  Zip.   Example:   John Smith, MO 64116 =  JohnSMO64116

Worlds of Fun :  purchase all tickets online.   You have to do this from your home computer, phone or tablet. 

The KCVA system does not allow this website to load.

1. Visit

AFGE event 9/11/21  will cost 20 dollars per ticket

·        You can purchase up to 6 tickets per dues paying member at the discounted rate of 20 dollars.

·        Event includes

o   Admission for 9/11

o   Parking for 9/11

o   All you can each lunch buffet

o   All you can drink soda and water throughout the day.

Good any day ticket  will cost 20 dollars per ticket

o   You can purchase 6 tickets per dues paying member.

·        Good any day ticket can be used any day this year.  The park closes on 10-31-21.

·        Good any day ticket gets you into both parks

·        You will purchase this ticket on line, and you must know what day you want to go as a reservation is required.

·        Good any day ticket will get you into the park on 9/11/21 however, it will only get you admission, not lunch or drinks.

 Directions for reprinting the purchased 5/22/21 ticket:  

  • Go to your email and search for the WOF email stating “print your 5/22 tickets by clicking on this link”
  • Go to the website and click on purchase 5/22 tickets, the site should give you the option to reprint past purchased ticket
  • Take ticket to the WOF box office window and explain that ALYX from WOF is allowing all AFGE member to use the 5/22 ticket as a voucher to get into the park any day between now and 7/22/21.
  • They will issue you a new ticket for that day.

To purchase exclusive AFGE Local 910 tickets:

1. Visit

 2. Select the product you want to add to cart.

3. Use the (+) or (-) to adjust the quantity of tickets you are selecting for the product type.

4. Click next when finished selecting quantity

• If a Gift Code Required product is selected, a gift code box, like the one below will appear.

5. Enter the following: First name, first initial of last name, State you reside, 5 digit zip code.

• Ex: John Smith, MO 64116 =  JohnSMO64116

• The field is not case sensitive so capital or lower case characters are accepted.

6. Click Next when finished entering code

7. Select the meal time that will work best for your group.

• Meal time options are 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm or 3pm.

• Each meal time is 1 hour in length.

• A total of 6 subsidized tickets is the maximum, even if selecting different meal times.

8. Click next when finished selecting meal time.

• If needing more than the allotted 6 tickets  , select the $42 ticket package option. A meal time will need to be selected for these tickets as well.

10. When finished shopping, click on checkout and proceed to follow prompts for payment information.

 11. Once you have completed purchase, tickets can be printed or saved for later.

• Tickets can be scanned directly from your mobile device when you arrive at the park.

• Pro tip: Tickets will need names assigned. Open them before arriving at the park to assign a name to each one.

• Tickets will not disappear if opened; it remains valid until it is scanned at the park.

Tickets are *Limited supply, first come – first served basis.