VATAS is the government official way to enter leave and was established in June 2018.  If an employee does not have the sufficient number of hours to submit Leave in VATAS how will the request be timestamped?    It won’t.   It is not possible to enter leave if you don’t have it, and vatas is smart enough to not let you enter leave if you wont have earned it by then.   Again, another reason vatas is the only form of leave entry.

Why use vatas?

  • Time stamp  (for seniority purpose, and for leave scramble purpose)
  • Only lets you enter leave if you have it
  • Management tools  (they can see all leave on one screen)  (calendar view)
  • VATAS Does not get lost
  • VATAS Does not get changed
  • Changes are timestamped  (employee used the leave scramble by entering the leave during the allotted time  Oct 15 to Nov 15
  • You have to email or communicate with the supervisor to revert leave
  • You can tell quickly if your leave is still pending.
  • Can log into vatas from any computer, can enter leave while off work.
  • Management has leave records for as long as VATAS is operational.  ** years can pass and they can tell you who had Christmas off in 2020.

Why cant we keep the old paper way and everyone work out our leave as a “team effort”

Why does the paper way not work?

  • Not everyone wants to work together to hash out leave

Some people just do not get along like that.

  • This could potentially lead to hostile work environment/ unnecessary drama between employees.

The union is not going to stop employees from trying to use the paper to work thru conflict before October each year.  However, when it comes to department negotiations,  the paper does not hold any professional accountability when it comes to true record keeping.