VHA Now!

(August 22, 2019)

In order to further improve the lines of communication and to respond to the concerns between the National VA Council and you our members, I have established a National VA Council Briefing. This NVAC Briefing will bring you the latest news and developments within DVA and provide you with the current status of issues this Council is currently addressing. I believe that this NVAC Briefing will greatly enhance the way in which we communicate and the way in which we share new information, keeping you better informed.


Alma L. Lee

National VA Council, President



In This Briefing: VHA Now! - Smoke Free VA




NVAC has a MOU from 2008 that allows AFGE bargaining unit employees to smoke anywhere on the grounds. The BUE must be 35 feet away from an entrance of a building. The NVAC filed a National Grievance on this topic on August 16, 2019.
Here is the link to download the 2008 MOU for your reference.