Ticket Sales

Renaissance Festival tickets are available for purchase
All AFGE dues paying members are now allowed to purchase more tickets.The renaissance festival tickets are now open to anyone buying 6 more tickets. We have about 150 tickets left.
Renaissance Festival tickets are available for purchase in Room M11-244. Tickets are 8 dollars each, cash only.Limit of 6 tickets per dues paying member.
The Festival opens on 9-1-18 and closes on 10-14-18.
Open Weekends September 1 – October 14
Plus Labor Day and Columbus Day
10am to 7pm • Rain or Shine • 913.721.2110
Free Parking!
Worlds of Fun
Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun info:
AFGE is sold out of Worlds of Fun tickets, however the company is giving our members a discount rate to buy tickets on line.  Tickets went on sale early March 2018.   WE SOLD 600 TICKETS THIS YEAR.  Physical tickets always sell out in 75-90 days from the day they go on sale.  Next year buy early.
If you wish to purchase tickets, simply click on the link below and use the username and password for your discount.
Start sharing & using your online store now to access savings on tickets any day to Worlds of Fun. Compare the pricing to our gate price of $62 plus tax per person. On line discount is $35-$45 tickets.
There are two ways to access your store:
  1. Visit worldsoffun.com/save  Username: KCMO     Password:  KCMO          (username and password are case sensitive)
  2. Visit this link:  https://cf-wf.secure.accesso.com/embed/store.php?merchant_id=14150&emerchant_id=1300  then enter Username: KCMO     Password:  KCMO          (username and password are case sensitive)
AFGE LOCAL 910 will vote in December to increase the number of tickets we have next season.
User name: KCMO
password:  KCMO
Click the link above to access the exclusive online-only savings or use your promo code for season long savings
  •        Visit worldsoffun.com
  •        In the upper right-hand corner, roll over the tag icon  and click Promo Code
  •        Enter promo code: local91018
Park Closes for Regular tickets on 10-31-18!!  You have to have a special ticket to attend in November and December.
Discounted tickets with the KC Chiefs this year
AFGE Local 910 is offering discounted tickets with the KC Chiefs this year.
Only for the Following GAMES:
Aug 9th  Texans
Aug 30th  Packers
Oct 7th  Jaguars
Oct 21  Bengals
Nov 11th Cardinals.
If you are interested please click on this link and use the promo code below:
http://www.chiefs.com/ticketfundraiser/ and the promo code is AFGE910.
Any proceeds that AFGE earns will go towards an offsite event in addition to our next picnic.
Next Lunch and Learn is 9-21-18  Friday
  • Hall of Heroes Time  1045am to 130pm  Lunch  (please eat at only one time)  Dinner 5-7pm
  • Official Meeting is at 6pm.  Food:  Fire house subs, chips, cookies, drinks
  • Presentation :  “The most asked questions about retirement, TSP and FERS”  you won’t want to miss!
  • If you are off site and want to attend please enter AL.  The presentation will be from 11-130 in the afternoon.
Movie Ticket Info:
AFGE Local 910 is offering discounted tickets to both AMC and BB movie theatres.
Movie tickets are still available.   Limit of 6 tickets every 6 months.  NOT 6 of each theatre, but a combo of 6 tickets to either theatre.   12 tickets per year,  the next opening is July 1st to purchase your next set of 6 tickets.
Off site members, please mail in a check and a return stamped envelope to mail back to you.
This can be done for any type of ticket sale, or t shirt sale.  Include what you want with your mailing.  Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your check.
T shirts are still available; all sizes in the office.
Both movie and T shirts are 5 dollars each.  No limit on T shirts.
Room M11-244

At this time there will not be any stewards available to travel to CBOCs because of the new executive orders.

Off-site members may mail in a check with self-addressed stamped envelope and we will mail you the tickets once check clears.
4801 E Linwood Blvd   ATTN AFGE office.   Room M11-244
Please submit your HOME email address and we will get you added to our Local email group. Most of you are already added.
Or log into our social media web pages:
AFGE Local 910
4801 E Linwood Blvd
KC Mo 64128
Room M11-244