We have reached a tentative agreement with the VA after more than five years of bargaining.

You and your locals have worked nonstop to ensure the VA heard our voices. Now, we are so proud to deliver you a tentative agreement that preserves the vast majority of our 2011 Master Agreement and sets forth limited revisions to Article 23 - Title 5 Merit Promotion that prioritize VA workers and the veterans we serve. Thank you for supporting your Negotiating Team and fighting for your National VA Council brothers and sisters.

Group photo of AFGE activists


Over the next two months, locals will have the opportunity to review and ratify our tentative agreement. AFGE National VA Council will be hosting a national call on Tuesday, April 25th at 7:00pm EST to discuss the ratification process and how your local can help move this contract forward. Click here to reserve your spot for our Tentative Agreement Ratification Call!

This tentative agreement is a huge win for AFGE National VA Council. We were able to maintain 99% of the articles we negotiated on in our first Master Agreement while updating Article 23 to modernize and improve the VA’s hiring procedures to combat chronic hiring and staffing problems. Click here to learn more about the agreement and the changes made to Article 23, and feel free to share with your locals.

This contract is a major victory for VA workers across the country, and we could not have done it without your leadership and support. We are so excited to continue working with you and the VA to ratify this strong, worker-first contract.

Sign up now for the national call on 4/25 to learn more about how we can ratify this tentative agreement.

Thank you for all that you do,President Alma L. LeeAFGE National VA Council