Storage of Personal Items

Page 62

Section 7 - Personal Rights

A. Employees shall have the right to direct and fully pursue their private         lives, personal welfare, and personal beliefs without interference,         coercion, or discrimination by the Department so long as such activities         do not conflict with job responsibilities or applicable laws.

B. The Department will make every reasonable effort to provide for secure         storage of personal belongings.

C. The Department shall instruct employees on how to file a claim for         reimbursement under 31 USC 3721 and related regulations and will make         forms available in case of loss if some personal item is damaged,         irretrievably lost, or destroyed.

Page 290

Section 4 - Storage and Personal Belongings

The availability of employee lockers or secure storage space for personal belongings is a subject for local negotiations.  The supervisor will provide locks or other security devices to secure personal belongings.

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