November Newsletter 2019

" Obey Now, Grieve Later"


A union does three things for its membership – it negotiates for them, it litigates for them, and it legislates for them.  Your NVAC team is perfectly suited to perform all three tasks for you.

With regard to negotiation, this is the team that secured for you the best contract in the federal government and perhaps the best union contract in the nation.  Negotiations on the new contract are being conducted in a completely different environment, one that requires not only knowledge of the process, but experience in negotiations.  Who better to secure this contract than the team that negotiated it in the first place?

Litigation is also a first priority for your NVAC leadership team.  To ensure the best possible representation, NVAC has increased its litigation staff by 3 attorneys, all now experienced in aggressive and zealous representation.  Moreover, NVAC has created the most effective training program to provide locals with the tools to take on local management.

Of course, none of these strategies can be successful in a hostile political environment.  That is why NVAC employs the highest quality legislative representatives, and will work aggressively, with your support, to ensure that worker friendly candidates are elected in the House, the Senate, and most importantly the Presidency.