Newsletter October 2018

November 6 Promises to be a busy day for all of our local, county and state elections.


For candidates and ballot information for Missouri and Kansas residents

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Protect your License
Several VA nurses or their spouses who are in arrears for state income tax in Missouri are finding out the hard way that their license and job are in jeopardy.

License Revocation for Licensees Who Owe State Income Taxes
House Bill 600 has taken effect, requiring persons with professional licenses to file and pay their state taxes or face license revocation.

Mark your Calendars!
We are excited to share, that we will be hosting a social/happy hour event in collaboration with Ninth District.  Refreshments are on the house!  Food and 2 drinks of your choice will be furnished.  Drink Tickets will be provided at the door.   Courtesy of AFGE Ninth District.


This event is geared to accomplish the following:

  1. Know you better in a relaxed and fun environment.
  2. Pass along information that enhances our labor movement.
  3. Hear your concerns and ideas in order to better support you and your fellow employees at the KCVA.
  4. Everyone who participates will get a really cool AFGE phone charger.


Where:  DAV Missouri Chapter 2
14605 E US Hwy 40 , Kansas City MO



  • Security cameras not installed for Supervisor’s convenience
  • Parking lot negotiations
  • Nursing license reinstated
  • Errors and discrepancy in pay
  • Tour changes
  • Bullying by Supervisor
  • Sexual Harassment case
  • Safety Issues



  • Where do I go for help with FMLA?
  • Who can help with Workman’s Comp Issues?
  • Where can I get information on Reasonable Accommodation?
  • Who can help with an EEO claim?
  • How do I get my pay corrected?
  • What do I do if I feel bullied or harassed?
  • Where do I find a copy of the Master Agreement?

Master Agreement


$5 Movie Tickets for sale in the office.  Limit 6 every 6 months.
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October 24        530-8  Happy Hour   DAV hall
November 7      530-8  Happy Hour   DAV hall
November 14    530-8  Happy Hour   DAV hall
November 28    530-8  Happy Hour   DAV hall
December 5      530-8  Happy Hour   DAV hall
December 12    530-8  Happy Hour   DAV hall
December 21    Lunch and Learn and Holiday Party and Official meeting