Loading Dock  MB-450
Mail Room   B-460  M-F  8 to 430pm
Cafeteria MB-300  M to F  7am to 4pm
Linen Room MB-415
Retail Store VB-715  M-F 730-6pm   Sat/Sun 9am to 1pm
Optical Shop  MB-495   8am to 430pm
Prosthetics/ Orthotics MB-495  8am-430pm
Logistics Storage MB-495
Logistics office VB-650
Volunteer services MB-576
Pain Psychologist VB-601
MRI VB-755
Rehab / physical therapy  VB-605
Visual Impairment VB-755
Vending Machines and breakroom   VB-700
VISP therapy room VB-745

First Floor

Freedom entrance;  New MRI construction project
Silver Clinic          M1-255
Rheumatology, Oxygen, Cardiology, Pulmonology, sleep clinic
Hall of Heroes   M1-277
Voluntary Services  M1-279  7am to 3pm
Lost and Found  M1-278
Main Entrance under construction
Pathology  Main Lab  M1-414
Behavioral services M1-503
American Legion  M1-565
Paralyzed Veterans  M1-566
Veterans of Foreign Wars  M1-568
Disabled American Veterans  M1-569
Chief of the Chapel  M1-573
The Chapel  M1-578
WCT US Army office  M1-576
AM Vet  M1-590
Valor Area:
ER  V1-683
Outpatient pharmacy V1-702   M to F 8am to 630pm  Sat/Sun 8am to 430pm
Registration  V1-687  registers all new patients and updates means test, insurance, ect.
Admissions  (next to ER)  admits patients to the hospital between 8-4pm, after hours runs registration, travel and all calls coming into the hospital
Police  V1-673
Starbucks and vending  V1-716
Primary Care  V1-706A
Patient LAB  V1-610   M-F  630AM to 5pm  Sat  730am to 4pm

Second Floor

Freedom entrance; research lab C2-10  and MRI construction
Comp and Pen M2-254
CT Scan M2-265
Endoscopy and Radiology   X Ray   M2-304
Release of Information M2-577
Inpatient pharmacy V2-710
Gold Clinic  V2-640
Orthopedics, urology, general surgery, wound clinic
Eye clinic V2-645  M-F 8-12 and 1-4pm
Dental Clinic and ENT  V2-675
Audiology and Speech  V2-725

Third Floor

Freedom Building; research lab C3-10
3 West renovation and construction
Employee Health  M3-254
GI / Colonoscopy  M3-255
Cath Lab, Cardiology Waiting room M3-311
PFT waiting room
Valor Building
Anticoagulation clinic  M3-382
Visitor Pantry   M3-379

Fourth Floor

Freedom building;  cancer research center  F4-150
Employee Gym  M4-255  Key Card entry
Pt clothing  M4-211
IT shop  M4-240
EMS M4-213
Privacy officer   M4-274
Victory Clinic  M4-301
Dermatology, Podiatry, plastics, vascular, thoracic

Fifth Floor

Mothers lactation room   F5 -106,   freedom building
Vascular Lab  M5-335
5 West Patient Rooms  M5-201
Ambulatory surgery  M5-300
Operating rooms and Surgery Suites  M5-600

Sixth Floor

Bio Med  F6-100

Neurology   M6-206
Infusion Clinic M6-300
Chemo Clinic   M6-316
Hematology/ Oncology  M6-360
Diabetes Education room M6-257

Seventh Floor

Freedom building;  Education and NEO F7-100
EEO   F7-104   Freedom building
Dialysis  M7-302
Renal Dietitian  M7-317
Blind Vet Assistance M7-260
Wellness office/ Shade and Sabas M7-244
Telehealth M7-259

Eighth Floor

Freedom building;

Library  F8-120   M-F  7am to 430pm
Nursing classrooms  F8-129
Inpatient rooms   M8-245
Hospice M8-200

Ninth Floor

Construction and remodel
Mental Health Chief and administration  M9-261
Chaplain office  M9-254

Suicide prevention office  M9-230
Psychologists and psychiatrists  M9-227
HUD VASH offices   M9-244

Tenth Floor

Psychiatric unit; short term patient stay area, key card access only

Eleventh Floor

Sleep Lab  M11-300
EEG/ EMG and nerve conduction M11-200
Infectious Disease office  M11-252
Residents office  M11-201
Union Office  M11-246

Building Two

Call Center
Directors office
HR  employee relations and labor relations


Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program 

SARRTP has been relocated to the New Liberty Building/56 on the KCVA campus.  The liberty building includes a workout room, recreation room, living room, dining room, kitchenette and outside patio area for the veteran to enjoy during the break times.  They will soon be starting on the basement project that will house the treatment teams offices, class room and staff breakroom. 

SARRTP is a 21 day program that can hold 28 veterans.  The veterans attended programing seven days a week.  We hold outpatient classes here throughout the week and have many AA, NA and CA meeting lead by outside volunteers in the evenings.

CBOCS and Off Site Locations

Honor, PTSD, ultrasound  4251 Northern Ave
Belton  CBOC  922-2161  209 Cunningham pkwy
Paola CBOC  510 S Hospital Dr
Warrensburg CBOC  702 E Young St
Nevada CBOC  322 S Prewitt ST
Cameron  CBOC  1111 Euclid Drive
Ward Parkway office  8930 Ward Parkway
Excelsior Springs CBOC  197 N McCeary Rd
Johnson Co CBOC  6830 Anderson St
Shawnee CBOC  10500 Mastin
Locust Location  901 Locust  Office of Community Care  816-922-3399