January Newsletter 2019

AFGE Local 910 Family,

We are very proud to announce that our Local has grown to an all-time high, setting a new record.  We are 1033 paying members STRONG!  There is strength in numbers, we are stronger together and united for a common purpose, to care for Veterans and to care for YOU. We are doing well!

Recruitment Information:

The VA blitz/bonus bucks program is scheduled to expire on 1-31-19 due to the government shutdown.  If you know of a non-member that you can recruit, it is recommended that they join by 1-31-19 so that both you and the member can receive a bonus of 100 dollars 30 days after joining.  Hurry, don’t delay!

Save The Date:

The next off-site event is scheduled, April 14th Sunday, from 10am to 7pm.

More details to come, the event will be at, Worlds of Fun the cost will be only 10 dollars for an entire day of FUN, FUN, FUN.  Please make arrangements now to take the day off we want to reward your membership, we want you to attend.  Please note we are doing a Sunday because last year we did Saturday, and we have selected the opposite weekend as last year’s events to assist in equitable opportunities.

Leave Scramble:

If your supervisor has not approved your 2019 leave, please call or email our office!

Current Employee Issues:

Can I use my personal cell phone at work?  Many employees have other commitments that require them to be reached during working hours, if there is an emergency you are able to keep a personal cell phone available, however, if you are making personal calls or checking your phone regularly, email, etc., you could be disciplined.  Please reserve personal cell phone use during lunch and break time.

Can I eat at my desk if I am not in a patient care area?  “It is a management right to assign work, and how it is done.  If management determines that eating at a desk does not allow for efficient, professional, hygienic, etc work related business, then it can be disallowed.  If you are just looking at germs, then no one should eat at their desk, really.”  ANSWER FROM OUR HR DEPARTMENT.  KCVA


Lunch and Learn:
Your next Union Lunch and Learn is scheduled for March 28th 2019.

  • The food will be catered by Panera; sandwich, salad, soup and desert.
  • The topic will be on Workman’s Comp…  you never know when you will be needing this information, anyone could need it during their career.
  • Handouts will be provided and a DOOR PRIZE RAFFLE for attendees.
  • Offsite employees will be mailed the presentation and handouts.


Fitness for Duty:
When there are reasonable grounds to believe that a health problem causing performance or conduct problems of an employee, the employee shall be given an opportunity to provide medical evidence documenting the health problem affecting performance or conduct and/or an opportunity to voluntarily initiate an application for disability retirement on his/her own behalf. In seeking a fitness for duty examination know that you are afforded union representation, an appraisal of your rights, often a reassignment and if medical evidence supports a total disability a disability retirement may be offered. All records remain confidential.

Office Staff:
We are happy to announce that the local has 5 new stewards, please welcome

  • Sage Hamilton (Logistics)
  • Jeffery Peve (EMS)
  • Ryan Goss  (Mental Health Service, 2nd shift)
  • Daniel Thompkins  (Logistics)
  • George Lollis  (EMS, 2nd shift)

Special Contribution Award:
Recognition of employees through monetary and non-monetary awards reflects and promotes continuous improvements in Department performance.  This incentive program is based on achievement and improvements made to enhance veteran care.  Recognizing individuals as well as working groups promotes a positive work environment.  There is no limit on the number of awards that employees may receive or the frequency with which they may receive awards.  Reward which employees may be eligible to receive include but are not limited to: Special Contribution Award; Instant Award; Suggestion Award which benefit the employee with extra pay.  There is also a non-cash award that rewards the employee with Time Off.

New Payment Options:
AFGE Local 910 now accepts credit cards as a form of payment.  Minimum amount charged is 30 dollars.  We have both PayPal and the Square, call the office for more details.

Local 910 2019 Budget:

At the December meeting the budget was voted on and it passed with a 98 percent Yes vote.  Also, Kelly Clark won the text message raffle.  Anyone is allowed to see the budget; however the information is not allowed to leave the office area.  Call for more details.

Ticket Sales:

Regular Wolds of fun tickets will go on sale mid-March.  The price is remaining the same 20 dollars limit of 6 per dues paying member.  The quantity purchased by the local has risen from 600 to 800 this year, and the best news is the ticket is good for the entire year.  This one ticket can be used towards the purchase of a season pass.  Tickets expire on 12-30-19

Contact Information:

AFGE Local 910 has a new website.  www.afge910.com

We also have new cell phone numbers  816-924-4440  and  816-924-7733

Cell phones are monitored Monday to Friday 8-430pm.

We also have Facebook, and we are working on Twitter.

We want to hear from you!  Please email us any concerns you have about

  • OWCP, workman’s comp
  • FMLA
  • Parking; are there enough buses running, how long are you waiting?
  • End of Year Eval;  Did you get your evaluation in 2018?  If not we want to know.

EMS Policy Memorandum 137-2 
Eating, drinking, or applying cosmetics are prohibited in patient care areas, housekeeping closets, linen storage areas, receiving and/or sorting areas, loading docks, waste disposal sites, supply and equipment storage areas, or wherever there is likelihood of exposure to blood or other body fluids.  Food items will be stored in designated areas only, but never in any of the above areas.