How do I get involved to stop the Executive Orders from happening?

How do I get involved to stop the Executive Orders from happening?
This is how it works: for every event/rally you attend the district will pay you 15 dollars, up to the first 10 events. (total 150 dollars)  Then for every event after your 10th the district will pay you 30 dollars to attend, up to 20 events. (300 dollars)   Also Attached is the date of the next Prop A Rally in KC and St Louis  7-28-18.  Going to this rally will get you 15 dollars.  Make sure if you attend, you sign in at the registration booth.  Signing in to events will guarantee your 15 dollar payment.
See this page for details.
Congress contacts if you prefer to email instead of call.
AFGE District 9
Incentive Qualifications and Rules
  • Events must be validated by the appropriate onsite coordinator to earn a gift card.
  • Incentives can be earned by AFGE District 9 Members ONLY.
  • Volunteers who participate in 1 to 10 events will receive a $15 gift card per event. First 10 events earn a gift card for $150.
  • Volunteers who participate in 11+ events will receive a $30 gift card per event.  Example: Volunteer participates in a total of 20 events so 1-10 earns $150 and 11-20 earns $300 for a gift card total of $450.
  • One Gift card with the total amount earned will be sent certified mail to the volunteer’s home address after the election.
  • AFGE Events, Prop A Events (MO), and volunteering for AFGE and AFL-CIO endorsed candidates qualify for this program.
  • Contact Fred McDuff (202-550-8876) if you have questions about whether an event qualifies.
Next Event: 7-28-18 Saturday
Veterans returning to the workforce after serving our country deserve jobs with fair pay, good benefits, and safe working conditions. Proposition A puts these jobs at risk. Not only will Prop A hurt veterans, it will hurt all working people across Missouri. That’s why the Union Veterans Council is hosting a rally and canvass this Saturday, July 28th in St. Louis and Kansas City.
We need to make sure all of our neighbors and coworkers know that Prop A will lead to lower wages and less safe working conditions for hardworking men and women across our state, including veterans.
As a veteran myself, I know the importance of a stable, good paying job in a veterans life after transitioning from the military. If Prop A passes, Missouri will become a “right to work” state. We know that veterans and working people across the board make less money in “right to work” states - over $8,000 less per year. That means we’ll have less income to provide for our families. That instability is not what a veteran needs.
Support the veterans in your community by showing up on Saturday to knock doors with us. It’s up to each of us to talk to as many voters as possible before Election Day on August 7th.
I hope we see you in St. Louis or Kansas City on July 28th.
In solidarity,
Will Attig
Executive Director, Union Veterans Council