Retired Member Benefits

The member needs to sign-up as retiree using the join form. As retiree terms and conditions are different than the regular member, the member needs to sign the form to be in E-Dues retiree program. Please ask the member to join using the link below:  Please let me know if you experience any issues. Thank you,Ritu JaiswalAFGE IT Help Desk

Best of 2022: Retirement Planning

Friday, December 30, 2022

With historic inflation affecting COLA numbers this year and Social Security concerns, public servants looking to retire have more factors to consider before starting the process. Our Retirement Planning columnist Tammy Flanagan provided analysis and advice for those looking to make the transition this year and beyond.

The Best Date to Start Taking Social Security Benefits// Tammy Flanagan
A reader poses a question that's trickier than it seems.
Postal Reform Measure Could Affect All Federal Retirees' Health Benefits// Tammy Flanagan
Law requires postal retirees to enroll in Medicare.
The Normal Retirement Age May Be on the Way Up// Tammy Flanagan
It's one way to help keep Social Security solvent.

Best Dates to Retire 2023// Tammy FlanaganThe annual guide to the optimum days to plan to move on.

How You Can Get Better Customer Service// Tammy FlanaganTips on getting the result you're looking for when you reach out for help.

Congrats on your retirement. Here is a drop form and also the retired union form if you are interested. If you are interested, note retirement dues are only 40 per calendar year, and you continue to receive all local and national benefits.

Download these two documents.



Retired Members Can Join Through E-dues

NEW retired members will now join thru the Edues system. See below.

Also, to renew the current membership, renewal will take place thru the edues link.

We have activated the retirement plan for your local on the join form. Now retired members in your local can join E-Dues.