December Newsletter 2019

Parking Information

Social Media

Do not discuss patients or patient care on Facebook or other social media sites. Even if you do not state the patient’s name specifically, comments about patients can be disrespectful and unprofessional, so please don’t do it.

And if you think you are doing it in a private chatroom or with a closed group, think again, someone could always potentially take screenshots of what you posted and send it to your supervisor. Even if deleted, they are still not completely gone. If you suspect you should not be posting something, it is better to just not do it.

This goes for lync and email messages also. If you are under the impression that the IT department of the KCVA does not have access to your computer, you are mistaken.

The KCVA can look up any website you have visited, and they can read any email or lync message that you have typed. If you are hesitant to type it, then you probably should not be typing it.

Please think of your ICARE values before you decide to post a comment about a patient.


Your personal taxes are due 4-15-20. Union dues are tax deductible.
If you pay 20 dollars you can write off 520 dollars. IF you pay 17 dollars, you can write off 442 dollars on your taxes. If you need a tax report for your tax professional, please contact the union office.

Open Enrollment for health care thru the KCVA

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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn 12-18-19   Wednesday.

Location:  Hall of Heroes


Lunch served:  11AM to 2pm,  restricted by agency

Dinner served:  6pm to 10pm, restricted by agency

Official Meeting:  5pm sharp, IN THE UNION OFFICE,  M11-244, no supervisors please.  Location restricted by agency

 Food will be available in the Hall of Heroes from 11AM to 2PM and 6 to 10pm,  please attend during your regular lunch break.

  • If you come into work after 10pm,  please send me your name, work location and extension for lunch delivery to your unit.  Our evening stewards will be preparing for your meal.
  • Also, if you are off work, please feel free to drop by, we would LOVE to have more members at the official meeting.  M11-244   Pick up your meal in the hall and then join us for the meeting 😊


 Lunch and Learn  Wednesday 12-18-19   SAVE THE DATE!


  1. Smoking cessation
  2. Flu shot reminder and info
  3. Leave scramble and how to enter leave the correct way; how to ask for AL the proper way.
  4. Performance evaluation.  How to handle an evaluation that you do not agree with.  90 days supervision to get evaluated, etc.
  5. Parking updates, where to park, what to do if you get a parking ticket, when will the garage be open.
  6. TMS reminders, education on getting TMS and ALS renewed.
  7. Benefit table,  Benefeds, vision, dental, life, Aflac, short term disability.

GIFTS will be distributed during the day.   If you are off work, you may pick up your gift in room M11-244 any time after 12-19-19.

Office hours may be restricted due to agency limitations.   After 1-31-19  gifts may be picked up at the teamsters building.  More info to come.

Performance Report

2018 employee bonus info:

1485 employees (non title 38) that work at the KCVA are eligible for a bonus.  This does include supervisors.

637 employees received an outstanding evaluation in 2018

370 employees received an excellent evaluation in 2018

This means that 1007 employees that work at the KCVA were eligible for some type of evaluation end of year bonus.

68 percent of our employees received above a fully successful evaluation and were eligible for a bonus in the year 2018.

This is not standard.

The following graph is an example of a standard hospital bonus structure, evaluation structure:

Normally a very low percentage would get below fully successful, and a very low percentage would get above fully successful.

With only about 20 percent of the staff receiving bonuses.

An average hospital has about 60 percent of all employees getting fully successful ratings.