Master Agreement Attached.

AFGE Local 910 April 2021 Newsletter

  • Surveys; Article 49 Section 8 Page 252 Master Agreement
    • Must be approved by AFGE
    • Must remain anonymous
    • Results must be shared with Local union
  • Management  Duties
    • It is a management duty to find your coverage when you take Annual Leave.
    • If your supervisor is requiring you to find your own coverage, please contact 910afge@910afge.org and report this violation.  This report can be kept anonymous, if it is happening to you, it is more than likely happening to your entire work group.
  • Arbitration;  Performance Plans FY 2021
    • AFGE has filed arbitration on the change in performance standards FY2021
    • At this time management is requesting that you meet and discuss your mid-year performance.
    • AFGE local 910 recommends meeting, discussing concerns, and signing (I have read the mid year review)  even if you don’t agree with the performance standards submitted.  Please always meet and discuss performance if your supervisor asks you to do so.  If you would like you can write under your signature “ I have read the mid year review, however, I do not agree to my performance standards FY 2021.  AFGE is my representative and the standards are in arbitration”.
    • Donny Boyte, AFGE national representative, is working on the arbitration material this week.  Arbitration court date is June 3rd 2021.  Arbitrator is Collene White.
  • Lunch and Learn June 2021
    • Our next lunch date is June 14th Monday from 10AM to 2pm.
    • Tickets will be required to pick up food  (Tickets will be distributed in the union office from June 7th to June 11th  tickets are no charge, each member will receive one lunch ticket.)  Between June 7th and June 11th please pick up a lunch/ dinner ticket between 7AM and 730pm  in Room M11-244.
    • Evening shift will be provided dinner (a ticket will be required to pick up a dinner), and off site employees will be provided lunch at their CBOC location. Telework employees have the option to join us at the main campus or to drive to the CBOC of their choosing.  (no ticket needed at CBOC locations)
    • Presentation will be on Workers Compensation.  Presenter is Jeremy Ruth, KCVA.

AFGE Worlds of Fun day is May 22nd  Saturday.  Do not forget to take advantage of this amazing price.   We have sold about 150 tickets so far.  We have reserved over 600 tickets for this event.

  • You must purchase tickets on a NON -VA computer.
  • When entering your code,  please use your official name, this would be the name on file with AFGE.

Do not use a nick name, etc.

Your GIFT CODE  is  not case sensitive   First name,  last name first initial,  State,  Zip.   Example:   John Smith, MO 64116 =  JohnSMO64116

Office contact info:

M11-244   Room number

816-924-4440  Cell

816-922-2040  Office

Worlds of Fun :  purchase all tickets online.   You have to do this from your home computer, phone or tablet. 

The KCVA system does not allow this website to load.

1. Visit worldsoffun.com/afge910

AFGE event 5-22-21  will cost 20 dollars per ticket

·        You can purchase up to 6 tickets per dues paying member at the discounted rate of 20 dollars.