Different ways to receive an increase in pay by Shelley Barney
•    Step increase with time
•    Step increase with certification
•    Promotion

GS Step Increase Information  

Title 38 Nurse Step Increase Information    
RN/LPN  Certification Opportunities
Found on the Nursing Professional Development Committee SharePoint Page
Nursing are required to submit all items to their supervisor and will then be recommended for an SAA, Special Advancement for Achievement, in a memo to the NPSB.
Title 38 Physicians Pay Increases:
Physicians received 2 types of salary increases:
1. Longevity Step Increases
a. See p. 10 of VA HANDBOOK 5007/54 for detail
b. Similar to GS Within-Grade step increases for GS employees
2. Market Pay Increases
a. See p. 11 of VA HANDBOOK 5007/54 for detail
b. Comparable to GS Cost of Living increases & nurses’ Salary Survey         increases.
Nurse Professional Standards Board Training Course  TMS #: 36634
The purpose of this web-based course is to provide an overview of NPSB structure and processes outlined in  VHA Handbook 5005 regulating:
1) VA nurse qualification standards
2) NPSB roles and responsibilities
3) Personnel actions based on the individual’s qualification and complexity of assignment as reviewed by the NPS
For questions or issues regarding the VA TMS website, please contact your local VA TMS Administrator.

To all Missouri Licensed RNs  
Missouri Licensed RN’s renewal deadline is 5-1-19.
Missouri Licensed LPN’s renewal deadline is 5-1-20.
Your license renewal must be done on line by 4-26-19.  That is this Friday.
For RN Licensing – it is mandatory to do on-line License Renewal System.
No paper registration form will be mailed.
If you do not register on line by EOD 4-26-19, there is no guarantee of your license being renewed.
There is 110-dollar fee, and you have to prove residency and finger printing.

WG  Federal Workers
a. Entitlement.  An employee paid under a regular Federal Wage System pay schedule who has rating of record of fully successful or better (see 5 CFR 430.204(d)) shall advance to the next higher step rate within the grade at the beginning of the first applicable pay period following completion of:
(1)  26 calendar weeks of creditable service in step 1;
(2)  78 calendar weeks of creditable service in step 2; and
(3)  104 calendar weeks of creditable service in each of steps 3 and 4.
Bonus and Award information by Daniel Tompkins
Can any VA Employee get a Bonus?
Yes. Unless specifically stated otherwise any employee in the VA system is eligible for a bonus provide they meet the given criteria.
What does your evaluation have to be?
This is an agreement between you and your supervisor. Consult your direct supervisor as to what would constitute a performance that would be eligible for a bonus. You could also refer to a past evaluation and see what the standards are for an Outstanding or Excellent assessment.
What does the department budget have to look like in order to get a bonus?
The budget for bonuses is set aside by the facility, not the individual department. The amount set aside is then divided up amongst those eligible, typically those with an excellent rating or higher. The amount received is based on the amount of people who are to receive compensation with greater amounts being awarded to Outstanding ratings.
Other ways to get a Bonus
Other ways to get a bonus consist of the retention program, which rewards employees who have unique qualifications that are key for the success of the department, and the Student Loan Repayment program. This program allows the agency to pay up to $10,000 per calendar year  with a cap of $60,000 for agreeing to remain in a position for a minimum of 3 years.
Reference Links:
What is Locality Pay?
by Ryan Goss
Federal employees, who are on the GS (general schedule) or LEO (law enforcement officer) pay scales receive annual locality adjustments to their pay.  These adjustments occur, in order to try to keep the salaries of federal employees competitive with their private sector equivalent.  Locality pay adjustments are calculated based on information obtained from biannual wage surveys of 134 different appropriated funds wage areas and 118 non-appropriated funds wage areas.  The country is divided into 33 regions, and every year, the government calculates the cost of living for each region.  Because of this, some federal employees who live in areas like San Francisco, or New York may earn as much as 10% to 15% more than someone in the same pay grade, elsewhere in the country.
In March, President Trump signed an executive order, giving a 1.9% pay raise to federal employees.  This raise includes a 1.4% bump, across the board, with an extra 0.5% adjusted in locality pay rates.  For affected federal employees, this pay raise will be retroactive to the first pay period of 2019.  The timing of the pay raise implementation, however, has been somewhat delayed, reportedly due to the complexity of the payroll system.  It has been reported that most affected federal employees should notice their pay raise, along with the retroactive pay, on the first paycheck on May 3.
Locality Pay
2019 General Schedule (GS) Locality Pay Tables