AFGE Retirement Program

We have had numerous requests for a local Retirement and Benefits Workshop, so we made arrangements for a retirement specialist to be available.  Take advantage of this event to get important 2020 updates and learn the necessary steps to retire.

Register at AFGERETIRE.ORG for the event 04/05/20 - KS - Overland Park, KS.

Very few Federal Employees have a grasp on retirement eligibility or what they will actually take home after retirement.  This workshop will answer all those questions and many more.

All Federal Employees are welcome to attend this workshop.

You and your spouse are invited to attend this workshop that will address:

  • Survivor Benefits
  • Social Security
  • TSP - Thrift Savings Plan
  • Pension Calculations
  • Retirement Eligibility
  • FEHB - Health Insurance
  • And More

Register at AFGERETIRE.ORG or call 1-800-240-4070 to reserve a seat for yourself and your spouse / guest.

The retirement specialist will be available following the event for you to schedule one-on-one appointment, at no cost, to answer more detailed questions.

I have attached the workshop flyer to this email and I would really appreciate you posting the flyer at your facility.  Not everyone knows about the workshop, but every Federal Employee would benefit from attending.

Registration is free, the event is free, and we will answer all of your questions at no charge.