Can I enter a leave request from my home computer?
Answer: YES! AFGE supports employees entering leave from any computer.



Calling in Sick
There should be only one phone number to use to call in sick. (Ask your direct supervisor for this information).  When calling in sick please note the date, your tour, and if you are using LS-Sick (sick leave for yourself) or LS-Sick CB (sick leave to take care of a family member).  It is a requirement to call in sick within the first 2 hours of the start of your tour.  You DO NOT have to leave any other information, for example, what is wrong with you or your family. See page 189 of the master agreement.
Documentation for sick leave:
The employee must submit a doctor’s note upon return to duty if the employee has missed more than 3 consecutive workdays.  See page 191 of the master agreement.
Sick Leave Certification
The employee may be put on sick leave certification if the agency believes the employee is abusing sick leave entitlement. The employee must first be notified about the certification formally in writing.  After the employee is formally notified about sick leave certification, the employee must submit a doctor’s note for any period of absence.  The certification can be removed when:
  1. The employee has not used sick leave for 3 months.
  2. After 6 months the employee requests the certification be removed.
  3. When the department determines the sick leave abuse has ceased.
Frequency or amount of leave used will not be the sole factor for determining sick leave abuse, nor will leave for which acceptable medical documentation has been provided.  See Page 192 of the master agreement
Leave without pay (LWOP) vs  AWOL:
As an employee you have the right to ask your supervisor to grant you leave without pay.   However, your supervisor does not have to issue you leave without pay.  If you are out of SL, and you call in sick and ask to use LWOP, it is up to the supervisor to decide if they will grant LWOP.  Article 35- time and leave:
  1. Requests for LWOP will be given serious, bona fide consideration.
  2. LWOP may be requested in the same manner and for the same purposes as annual leave and sick leave.  LWOP may be granted even though the employee has a sick or annual leave balance.
  3. See page 194 of the master agreement if you want more information about LWOP and other types of leave.
Bottom line:  Do everything you can to ensure that you do not run out of Sick Leave because you could end up being charged AWOL if you call in.
Save The Date:
The next lunch and learn and official membership meeting will be held on September 18th 2019.  We have the Hall of Heroes all day, so if you come by after 1pm, we will be in the hall.  Dinner will be served from 4pm-6pm.  The official meeting will be from 5pm-6pm.  If you come by after 6pm, the food will still be ready and hot in the Hall of Heroes until 10pm. Our new night time stewards will be working until 10pm in the hall to assist.
Grievance vs Gripe:
How do I tell the difference?
  • Violation of Contract
  • Violation of Law - non contractual
  • Violation of Policy/Rules
  • Past Practices
  • Unfair Discipline
While the universe of grievances is wide, taking a grievance that is frivolous or without merit forward diminishes your effectiveness with management, and wastes valuable time and resources. It can also be frustrating.
A gripe is a complaint, while valid or not, it is not a violation of the contract, law, rule, regulation or past practice. While it may not be a grievance, a grip is still a valid concern. Try to solve the issue, if possible, but make it clear to the member it's not a grievance and proper formal paperwork is not going to be filed.
  • Disputes between workers
  • Personality problems
  • Management Rights
  • Complaint - no facts
  • Management has no control
  • Complaint motivated by revenge
In order to file a grievance you need to know the following:
Has the contract been violated? If so, which article/sections.  This would be looked up in the master agreement. Has there been a violation of law? Research the law and have sites available for the grievance meeting. Has an established past practice been violated? Find documentation on past practice procedures. Has a violation of policy or regulations occurred? Research your Departments’ SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) and Rules.  Bring any documentation you have with you to your union meeting.  Local 910 will assist you with these procedures and filings.
Off site family event: 
The next off-site family event will be held on Saturday September 14th.  This will be a free event. Tickets will be available after August 1st 2019.  Six wrist bands will be provided to each dues paying member that wishes to attend the event.
Office Staff:
We are happy to announce that the local has 3 new stewards, please welcome
  • Sharon Watson
  • Susan Gautreaux-Souder Castro
  • Sherri Crane
Ticket Sales:
Worlds of Fun tickets 30 percent discount is available on line only.  Call the office for the information or go to www. worldsoffun/KC.com
Contact Information:
AFGE Local 910 website:  https://www.afge910.com/
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Cell phones are monitored Monday to Friday 8-4:30pm.
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