AFGE has been steadfast in our push for immediate action to help protect our members and the public we serve.

In this week's newsletter we've included important updates in our fight for the health and safety of government employees.


We are months into a pandemic that has upended the home and work lives of many Americans. AFGE members have not been immune to these dramatic changes even though our members are essential workers on the front lines or have continued working remotely throughout the pandemic.

As we continue to address how agencies are responding to the lasting impacts of this pandemic, we want to hear from you regarding any issues concerning your ability to care for your children and families.

Click here to take AFGE's COVID-19 Family & Child Care Survey.

Your participation will help us learn more about the challenges our members are facing when it comes to taking care of your families.


We have developed a return to work information request template intended to help you check the boxes for the work the agency needs to do before drafting a return to work plan.

If any number of employees were allowed to work remotely during the pandemic, your agency is contemplating returning them to work. Even if they don’t yet have a policy (or haven’t shared that one is being developed), they are planning for one. We will have a right to bargain over that plan. Some of the bargaining will be substantive, and some of it will just be procedures and appropriate arrangements —just like when we bargain a CBA.

The health and safety requirements for returning employees to work are significant. The amount of planning an agency needs to do to begin returning employees to work is substantial. The requirements set out by OSHA and OPM lay out the parameters of the sort of work an agency should be doing, and those represent the foundation for this information request.

Click here to download the Return to Work Information Request Template.


If AFGE members of an AFGE council are having difficulties with Department of Labor (DOL) and their agency forcing employees to use their sick leave for COVID-19, then they can file a complaint by following the instructions outlined by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Many times, after a member files a complaint with OIG, the DOL district office and agency correct the issues prior to the investigation being conducted. It is not a 100% solution but an effective tool we use on a regular basis.

Click here to review the instructions on filing a complaint with OIG.

Please regularly check afge.org/Coronavirus to view important coronavirus updates.

Note: Information on this site is not intended to substitute for actual medical care or professional medical advice. If you believe you are, or may be ill, contact your primary care health provider immediately. Information on this website may change as the situation/recommendations/resources evolve. Please check back frequently.


Dr. Everett Kelley
AFGE National President