Election 2023 Information

Every three years our local elects its officers to serve a three year term. It’s that time again. The process is lengthy which includes the assembly of an election committee. This email is announcing the need and asking for members who are interested in serving on the election committee attend the quarterly official meeting on June 14th at 430pm. We will be selecting the interested members at our business meeting on June 14th.   The committee has complete authority to conduct all aspects of the nominations and election. You may not serve on the committee and run for office.  Committees must be neutral, and eligibility to serve on the committee is limited to members who agree to maintain neutrality by refraining from nominating, supporting, and endorsing candidates.

Please direct questions, concerns, and comments to our AFGE email 910afge@910afge.org

If this is a way you would like to support your local, please attend the official quarterly meeting on June 14th Room M11-244 at 430pm.

Thank you,

Chris Smith
President Local 910



AFGE Local 910
4801 E Linwood Blvd
KC Mo 64128
Room M11-244